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A Different Kind of Litigation Support

Have you ever considered the value of a good idea?

We really want you to think about this question. If you do, you will understand why Art of Facts is indeed different. In addition to always being there for you as technically-skilled professionals, we are proud of and believe in our ideas, which keep us refiguring the possibilities for effective use of creativity and design. Our most successful campaigns have been those where we were unleashed, and the process of free-thinking and creative solutions led the attack.

We don't think you will find other firms scouting junk yards for cars to cut up, sewing life-like dummies for the purpose of demonstration, documenting flood damage in rubber suits beneath the medical center, nor will you find them so driven by ideas they stop at nothing to make their point.

Sound compelling? This is the culture of Art of Facts. Welcome.

Randy McClanahan - McClanahan Myers Espey LLPRandy McClanahan

"I first encountered Art of Facts working AGAINST me in a large, complicated case with many parties. Stacey was a pro. The Judge loved her. The Jury loved her. The Court's staff loved her, and I loved her. On my next trial, a long and arduous patent infringement trial in San Antonio, I made sure she was on my team. She priced her services so that my client could afford them, was available 24/7, and generated awesome visuals. Although we were against powerful and well-funded adversaries, we won, in no small part due to Stacey's work. She is, quite simply, the best. Now I rely on her like I do my law partners. She delivers what she promises, 110% of the time. I would hate the thought of going to trial without her again.

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