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What You Get When You Mix Timelines and George Orwell: Design, Intellectual Honesty and Control
author: staceyM

Orwell said, “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” There is a certain curiousness to this quote when he speaks about controlling the past. It seems every attorney (and witness, too!) who has been in trial has wished to control the past from the present at one time or another.... [ read more ]

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In Caffeine We Trust: A Print to Track Your Consumption
Benjamin Starr
posted: 12/24/2011

What better companion in the cold winter months than a nice warm cup-a-joe? That black liquid warms us up, energizes and seems to even sweep the clouds away. For those of us who make it a daily ritual this new poster will be quite a tasty treat.....[ read more ]

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Accident Reconstruction Graphic


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“We rely on Art of Facts in many of our most important cases around the nation. Their graphics reinforce our key litigation messages. Their document databases are flawless. But beyond being great information designers, Stacey and her team understand litigation, courtrooms, technology, and most of all, what attorneys need in trial. They know their business -- and they know ours.”